Great Lions can find peace in a cage
But we should only do that
As a last resort
So those bars I see that restrain your wings
I guess you won’t mind 
If I pry them open.
— Rumi and Hafiz Love Poems from God translated by David Lapinsky

Individual Coaching Sessions:  

If you want more from the life you are living, more joy, freedom, passion and inspiration, then what are you waiting for? 

It's possible in this very moment to begin to claim the life you truly wish to craft. If you know you want to make some changes, and are worried about "disruption" it's ok. We can work at a pace you feel most comfortable.  By giving yourself this gift, you will enter into a world of expansion and possibility.  While coaching is not "therapy" it is incredibly therapeutic. It's also a beautiful and effective way to connect to your deepest purpose in this world.  I'd love to help you reveal your innate purpose and discover the you that's been longing to be revealed. 

Contact me for individual rates and coaching packages.  I'm sure we can find an arrangement that's exactly right for you.