Praise for Chris Elms:

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After a two hour concert, instead of the usual feeling of being drained,I felt like I was fresher and more clear than when I started. For the first time, on a 14 hour flight to Japan in non first class seats, both coming from and going to our performance there, I wasn’t aching and in pain the way as I would have been before Chris taught me so many ways to visualize small, but complex and fun, movements” -  John Largess, Viola Player, Miro String Quartet.
So just had to say, first day back playing after long not restful vacation (5 hours of rehearsal 2 hours practice and a concert ) and I feel fantastic! Usually it's a rough, out of control, dumb/slow feeling coming back after any break, but everything feels easy!I can tell I had three great lessons and my brain and body are ON! Concentration doesn't equal tension at all today. -   John Largess, Viola Player, Miro String Quartet.

Relationship Coaching: 

Before I found Chris, I was angry all the time, Now, anger is an emotion I embrace, and it's my signal to question my thoughts.  I used to only approach my husband in two ways, now, I’ve found five different ways to connect with him. 
  • Before I found Chris, I only knew to try, try again. Now, I feel free to play, discover & learn with my partner.  
  • Before I found Chris I used to compulsively feel driven to fix myself. Now, I connect with my body and myself, my husband and my son, from exactly where we are in the moment, not where I wished anyone of us to be.
  • Before I found Chris, I only saw my losses. I only noticed what WASN'T working. Now, I remember how I feel each time I have a win and something works out in a positive way.
  • Before I found Chris, Byron Katie was just an intellectual exercise that did not change me. Now I go straight to my body sensations and get a clear, immediate answer.  And my body has been right each time.
  • Before I found Chris, I was suffering. Now I question all my thoughts and I’ve made peace with all my personal suffering.
  • Before I found Chris,  I only saw limitations in me and everywhere around me. Now, I am excited and curious because I see LOTS of possibilities, in me, and everywhere around me.
  • Before I found Chris, everything felt like a burden and I felt I was here to serve everyone. Now, I know I am here to have fun.
  • Before I found Chris, I pushed myself to squeeze out every last drop of accomplishment in me. Now, I find one easy thing I can do in this moment, and I make it more comfortable.  I have accomplished more with this new principle than I’d ever imagined.
  • Before I found Chris, I didn’t know what I wanted. Now, I have never been this happy.  I laugh so much more. I have never felt so free.  Could this really be enlightenment? I have never felt so grown-up.  I am the adult that my marriage and my parenting ask of me.

Chris Elms is the best coach I have ever worked with. He personifies for me, how I want to be as a person, as a partner, as a parent. Thank you very much. - Rosa B.


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