Learning as Waking up to the Happiness in Life


Week Three - - - Day Three

Learning and Waking Up

How to never be bored

How to always be happy

This is some hints.

This book is a program for a life, of waking and loving and great sex, and learning and service.

This is a book full of hints.

This book is full of ways to try that are new, so you can learn, discover the difference, become more fully alive.

Learning is noticing a difference that makes a difference.

There is fact learning, or perspective learning.

For example, reading the book Sapiens, I got to take on a new perspective about early humans. THEY HAD BIGGER BRAINS. 

To be a hunter forager, each person in the tribe needed to know countless plants and their uses and dangers, the habits of animals, both to hunt and to stay safe from, how to construct arrowheads, where the waters were, what the seasons brought, what signs of weather were, how to negotiate the personalities of everyone in the tribe.

They moved. They had to have balance.

The climbed trees for food and safety: they had to be strong and coordinated.

Everyone knew more or less everything.

They used their brains as real brains: problem solving plus moving plus awareness.

I imagine that, as part of nature, they were grateful to the miracle of life and paid great attention to its beauty and glories: sunsets, creeks, mountains, flowers.

And . . . they had much more leisure time: no houses to clean, no bills to pay, no cars to buy, care for, drive around.

They were smart alert and powerful.

Okay: this is a new perspective.

Learning this is fun and useful: how can I, how can you have a life more full of body and connection to nature?

(There are body strength and coordination systems now that have people run barefoot on gravel and toss small boulders or logs back and forth and climb trees, instead of going to the gym.)

And as this example illustrates, we are a full bodies creature.

When we are just in our thinking brains, we are less than whole.

Even worse, when we are “lost in thought,” for example taking a walk in a park but with a head full of “words in the head,” we lose our connection to the Now.

And to Nature.

So: what can you do to increase the delight of being present and being in your body and of learning?

Learning Game #5

Walk, just regularly, and notice how that feels

(A lot of learning games in the book seem to be set to pull us below the neck, to free us to be in the real world of hearts and genitals and breathing and feet)

And now do this:

Slow down and put the heel of the foot you are taking forward right up snug to and touching the toe of the other foot.

Like this: weight on your left foot, lift your right foot slowly, move it slowly a small amount forward to have it’ heel touch the right toes.

Socks better than shoes.

Bare feet better than socks.

Go back and forth.

Learning Game #6

While doing all this have one arm up with its wrist being held and pulled on slightly by the other arm.

Learning Game #7

Do all this with your eyes closed

Learning Game #8

Eyes open but back backward, again with as slow and movement as possible, and with now toe coming back to touch the heel of the standing leg.

Learning Game #9

Backwards, arms up, eyes closed.

With all this, you too, will actually expand your brain.

This is one way never to be bored. Do something fun, interesting, challenging that involves balance.

Think of those big brain foragers and hunters: no paved streets, uneven walking all the way, lots of walking every day.

Get thee out to walk, or play with eyes closed, bare feet, walking your own house heel to toe or toe to heel.


What does this all have to do with happiness?

A lot.

If you will think back on your happy moments, they can be in several categories.

A quiet mind: sunsets, a morning walk, listening to classical music, watching the ocean or clouds or a river.

Pleasant company: one of those gatherings when people are really getting along, not pretending. Love and affection and good humor are in the air.

Speaking of humor:

Laughter and the release of life’s worries by making fun of ourselves or our situation. Lightening up as a huge aspect of ‘Lightenment.’

Fun movement: dancing, skipping, games like the above learning games, even sports in the joy of movement sort, skiing say, or tennis without trying to win, ping pong, ditto, just for the fun of it, tossing a frizbe or a ball or even a wadded up sock (try it, for those a little gun-shy of playing catch, wad a couple of socks together)

Sex: yes, pleasure makes you happy.

Eating: preferably non-glutinous, though Gurdjieff very cleverly said that most people’s idea of happiness was to eat themselves into a stupor.

So: better: 

Mindful eating of fresh organic food.

Which comes down to this:

Play, plus mindful.

Quiet, plus mindful.

Connection, plus mindful.

And in the rest of the day:




Driving, walking, eating, even reading.

Follow your breathing.

Sense your ten fingers and ten toes and belly (breathing), eyes (light coming in), ears (sound), nose (breathing and a sense of your head at the top of your spine)


Realize the most important thing: you are alive.

And . . .


Love yourself.

Love your life/ grateful grateful grateful

Let Life love you.

Be on the lookout for others loving you.

Even if they don’t know it.

My Trinity:




Connecting with one or two or all = happiness.

And we are in the learning chapter now, so let’s end with a few more games.

Learning Game #10:

When you realize you are “lost in thought,” a victim of the words in the head thing, come back to the present.

What’s the difference?

Learning Game #11:

When you are sick of being indoors, get outside, even if for a few moments. Look at nature. Feel your body connect to earth.

Move a little in fun and aware ways, ways that remind you that you are an animal on this amazing planet.

What’s the difference when you do this?

Learning Game #12

When you feel bad,

Think of 9 things you love

What’s the difference?

Learning Game #13

When you feel bad,

Think of 9 things you are grateful for

If your gratitude journal is around, write them down

If your partner is around, say them aloud.

What’s the difference?

What if all of life were a game of coming back to our true nature, and Now, Nature and Love were one of the most clear ways to realize our true nature?

Learn, discover, explore, learn.