Be happy, be sexy, wake up to now, "Save the Earth" - - - the full Life


Week Two - - - Day Seven

The World Needs Saving.

Being blissful and mindful and happy is a great way to be

And from that joy and awakening arises a responsibility:

Save the Earth

This seems obvious: if we get super happy and healthy and sexy and in love with life, and the oceans rise, and massive illness comes, and the whole biological system breaks down and there are no humans left, it won’t be quite as happy a scene.

One of the points of this book is to create a cadre of people who aren’t the usual selfish “self-help” crowd.

Sure, being happy is how we are supposed to be.

Sure, finding your true love is icing on the miracle of life.

Sure, great sex is great.

And . . . Enlightenment, and ‘Lightenment’ are ultimately worthless unless those of us who are waking up ALSO put our hearts and minds and souls and energy and time and attention into the betterment for everyone.

What is valuable to us is where we put our time and attention.

Time and attention on “Saving the Earth” is our duty.

Duty doesn’t have a very good name these days.

So what: it’s a sacred duty to honor and revere and be grateful to and take care of and (now) save the Planet, the Mother Earth, our deepest and most real mother.

And not just that.

We’ve got some grand old problems, and they all fit together and it’s our duty to be awake to now and to be happy and to make a difference in some or all the messes we and other humans have gotten us all into.

All the messes, with

 everyone pitching in the the income inequality mess, and the racism/ sexism mess, and the climate apocalypse challenge.

Selfish happiness is tainted.

Dancing as the Titanic goes down is better than being glum about it.

But . . . how about saving the Titanic before it goes down?

How about saving the Earth before humanity and gobs of higher level organisms go down?

And just how is this done.

First and foremost: staying joyful and present as we go into battle.

We aren’t out for blood.

We are out for transformation.

We are out for healing.

We are out for turning the ship around before it goes over the waterfall.

So, stay joyous and happy.

Which means:

Write in your gratitude journal each day.

Write goals of your heart’s desire each day.

Do the clitoris stroking and/or naked make out each day.

Get out to nature every day.

Set out to be fully present and fully happy, all the time/

Now is the time to go out at least briefly.

Be in Nature.

Move with awareness.

Say gratitudes about the glories of being Alive.

Indeed: how about now?

Out to nature, stand on some dirt, do some fun balance on one foot, move the rest of you awareness movement.

Be present

Say gratitudes.

Recess time: out to outdoors, balance on one foot, movement in other parts with creativity and awareness, breathing fresh air, looking at sky and trees, saying gratitudes.


Really, go . . .

And that was good.

Do that often.

And going even so little a bit outdoors, can help us to remember that almost all of human history has been about realizing our dependence on Nature and treating her as the Source and as the deep wonder of Life.

Gods came along. And monotheism.

Taoism keeps alive the connection of everything to everything.

Buddhism stresses the one-ness of all.

Native religious practice sees Great Spirit at the heart of Life.

We know that.

Jesus can be a way back to Great Spirit, which in that tradition is called the Holy Spirit.

Spiro is Latin for breath.

And the breath of Life is sacred.

No matter how you get there.

Call it God, call it Source, call it Source Energy, call it Life, call it Life Energy, call it Spirit, call it Holy Spirit. Call it Joe.

Doesn’t matter the word, whatever it is, it’s not a word.

And it’s there. It’s here. It’s outside of us and inside of us.

And we might as well tune into and align with and love and help this energy/ miracle along.


We need to protect it on this planet, that’s part of the bargain.

The bargain of life. The bargain of Life.

Life gifted you into this miracle.

Now is the time to pay back, in gratitude and in love.

Loving Life means loving ourselves and loving the people around us and loving our Planet.

Again: how?

That’s for you to discover.

Saving the Planet Games #1-7

Explore your world.

Find seven different ways, small to large, to contribute to “Saving the Earth.”

Do one or two each day.

If nothing else get outdoors and tell the sky and the clouds and the trees that you love them.

Feel the Life is you and say thanks, and tell it that you love it.

And more . . .

And more . . .

And more . . .

This leaves a lot to you.


Be happy and aware as you do this.

And as you do everything.

The point of this book is

Do something

Do nothing

Be active

Be quiet

Be engaged

Be happy

Throw in some great sex

Laugh at yourself a lot

Love your partner

Love everyone

Let Life love you

Enjoy your day