Waking up in three levels: Heaven, Earth and Air


Week Two - - - Day Four

“Lightenment’ as Waking Up

Waking up as Waking up in three levels

The starter course

One way to look at the Tao de Ching, an ancient book of Chinese wisdom, is as an attempt to encourage harmony between Heaven and Earth. The dream and the reality. The idea and the action. The spiritual and the everyday.

I like thinking of Heaven and Earth somewhat literally, where Heaven is the up above.

As in the sun.

As in the stars.

As in Light. Light as a way to experience ‘lightenment.’

Not what we see so much as the magic of light bouncing off things and reflected light coming into our eyes and lighting up our awareness.

Even more heavenly, we have an awareness that takes light and turns it into something we perceive.

Heaven as light, heaven as awareness.

Earth, is earth.

The ground below. Feeling gravity at any moment, which we must, usually through our pelvis and feet if we are sitting or our feet if we are standing. (Lying down on our back, our whole backside becomes a foot, as it were, but gravity is still down there.)

If not in space, Earth pulls us and we push back with some part of our bodies.

Heaven of light and sound, too, and awareness.

Earth of gravity and the parts of our body pushing into the Earth.

And what is in between?

What is creating harmony?

Perhaps the spine holding our eyes and ears up by holding our head up.

And our breathing, keeping us alive, by taking in all the air that fills the space between the heavens where the light comes down, and the earth with its gravity hugging us to its core.

And this is a simple and simply wonderful way toward basic ‘Lightenment.

Be aware of gravity.

Be aware of awareness and of light.

Be aware of our breathing.

This can be done now.

So let’s make it a game so we can have it in bold.

‘Lightenment’ Game #8

Be aware

With delight, curiosity and ease of all three:

Earth: where you are interacting with gravity

Heaven: The reflected Light coming in your eyes and AWARENESS

Harmony between: The skeleton hold up your head in gravity

The breathing bringing air into your nose or mouth and down into your lungs.

And that’s almost enough at any minute to have a good life.

Like now?

Of course now.

One of the reasons Enlightenment is such a messy concept is that 

One: it’s a concept.

Two: it’s almost always something that’s going to come later.

And light is right now.

See and be aware of it.

And breath is right now.

Feel and sense and be aware of it.

And the earth and gravity are right now.

Feel and sense and be aware of them.

Enjoy the fullness of life that this give you.