Naked Make Out - - - Love, Lust, Learning, 'Lightenment - - - along the way


Week Two - - - Day Two

Lust as sensuality

Sensuality as skin - - start hugging

A lot

Tongues - - - start kissing

A lot

So, hello.

You bought this book at least in part because of the Lust in the title.



The secret is to have more and better sensuality, more and better touch.

A big part of better is mindfulness, being in your body, in your ten fingers and ten toes and breathing as you touch your partner.

AND . . .

We’ve already started touching.

You don’t have to get fancy. Remember rubbing your own hand. Remember your own thumb, to stroll down your own arm, or to explore you other hand with.

And your partner: exploring all their fingers.

This was good before and is good now and will always be good.

And there is more of your body.

There is hugging.

With your mate, a nice long hug is almost mandatory each day. Press into each other and stay there a while.

A long while.

Let’s call that a Lust Game and make it official . . . 

Touch Game #5: Hug

Stand up.

Ask your partner for a two minute hug.

Don’t time it.

Just hug for as long as you think two minutes is.

Don’t talk.

Just feel.

Sense where you are touching.

Sense your breathing and theirs.

Sense your feet on the ground.

Enjoy this.

Enjoy this.

Life is wonderful and hugs remind us how wonderful life is.

There isn’t a child in the world who doesn’t improve anything that needs to be improved if they are hugged with attention and affection.

If you don’t enjoy hugging your partner, then some talking needs to happen. 

And don’t do the talking yet, until you’ve done all the love chapter and all the ‘Lightenment chapters first.

For now, play this game.

Everyone play this game.

Touch Game #6: Mindful Hugging

Same thing, almost, but better

Hug your partner for three minutes this time, without a timer

Notice where you are touching

Take turns saying three things that you notice: usually about what you are feeling as a receiver, or what you are feeling as a sensing/ touching human, or what you are noticing in your own body: heartbeat, breathing.

Keep it just to sensations.

Take turns.

Enjoy the sharing.

Don’t rush 

This is good.

We are mammals.

Hugging slows the nervous system.

Hugging reminds us of our connection.

Hugging with noticing wakes us up to the glory of life.

You could even say, the Glory of Life.


Try calling God by another name, the name of the great miracle - - - Life.

And notice what JS Bach answered when he was asked why he wrote so many beautiful pieces of music and had so many kids:


For the glory of God and my own amusement.

Or, new version:

For the glory of Life and my own amusement.)

What does hugging have to do with the Glory of Life?

Hug for three minutes,


Sharing your moment to moment experiences

And feel/ see/ realize for yourself.




Two ways:

Touch Game #7:

Sleep naked.

If you are cold, use extra covers.

If you are too fat, lose weight (eat paleo or keto or raw )

If you aren’t used to it, GOOD

Time to wake up toe reality

Which is . . . ?

We are animals.

Get in bed naked.

Touch each night at least a little, all night.


Because that’s one great reason we have a prime mate: to be a touching and receiving primate.

Enjoy this.

It’s simple and to the point: we have skin. 

Skin likes to touch other skin.

And finally, this game you may of may not be ready for yet, and so be it . . . remember the title Love LUST Learning and ‘Lightenment.

It’s a great sex substitute or intimacy builder, or actually put . . . a sweet thrill to being alive and having a partner.

Touch Game #8: Naked Makeup

Standing or lying down

Be naked

Set a timer

Make out for ten minutes

You might like this.

You might like this a lot.

Life is to be enjoyed.

Happiness requires a nice supply of happiness chemicals inside of us.

Remember the tongues: along with the thumbs, a huge part of the brain.

Add to that the skin, um, we are getting a lot of pleasure.

Ten minutes.

You will love this.

You deserve this.

Do it.