Loving the Now - - - the‘ trick of sick

Being truly present is deeper than we usually realize.

And that depth makes it ALWAYS and place of peaceful ease and a usually a place[ of happines,


In the true present there are ]no words in our heads.

Those are pulled some past word storage] space.

Try this : look at the sky with no words like blue or sky beautiful in y0ur head.

No thought- - - just you aware of the sky experience without the sky words.

Hang out there for three seconds- - - that’s ‘lightenment.

Peaceful, yes?

And I have been tricked from this by body pains.

A\ burning rash, that was hot and fiery. If felt in the present the fire ]just was.

But once the words snuck in : too much, not fair, when is this going to end, all fiery but doable now zsolt swept away.

Same with a deep cough- - - how long, not fair, can’t breathe, a treatment that was supposed to work didn’t and Prac is out the window.

Always something to learn.