Let's say someone won't listen to you

Let’s say someone won’t listen to you.

About the importance of having some time and some attention in the world of Being.

Not, as in, meditate ten hours a day, but as in spend some time every day in the pursuit of Stillness and spend as much of the rest of the time as you can, having a foot/ sole/ soul/ attention in both the worlds of doing and of being.

I’ve spent a great deal of my life in love with the NOW, and have countless rewards that have come from that.

And I have a friend who has spent countless years being a “winner” and has the narrow idea that success only counts in the world of DOING.

He teaches a fair number of people, and is, to my mind, letting them down by ONLY showing them wonderful techniques for DOING success.

To the point of never mentioning meditation, or mindfulness, or the “now” without some sarcasm, as if these are just for losers. And boy oh boy, is he obsessed with being a winner and helping his students become winners.

And to be honest, his DOING winners are encouraged to bring health and love and creativity and lack of anxiety into their worlds.

He even encourages people to be “awake and aware (and accurate)”.

But only as a tool to make the winning more winning-er, not for the pure joy and vitality of being present.

In fact, he has an absurd non-proof that no one can be in the now, by showing a stopwatch count from an iPhone in hundredths of a second, as if being present weren’t an escape from the mental world of clocks and concepts.

And why won’t he look at another view.

Too busy, too stubborn, too arrogant to listen.

Oh, well. We’ve all been that way.

And, here’s the fun thing:

From the world of being, if I’m in my world of BEING, his listening or not is his business, his world, his problem.

BEING is about the world that’s left when words in the head and concepts and self-definitions are gone.

This is not the usual world, except for children (which is why they are pronounced the guides to the Kingdom of Heaven), and athletes and musicians in the flow. With musicians often playing for the pure joy.

Athletes, sadly, have some prize that are searching for, so like awake and aware being stolen as tools to “get somewhere,” the flow to win the gold, though amusing and often thrilling to viewers around the world, put these athletes in the seal who gets its reward when it performs category.

However, the easiest and sweetest being is to simple sit and cultivate stillness of the mind.

Not fighting thoughts.

Cultivating stillness.

Not demanding stillness will pay off later (one book absurdly sells meditation as a way to improve your sales quotients, which it probably will, as would a good walk, and a hug, and a joy, and an energy exercise, but beside the point in the same old way: Being is seen as a tool for Doing, not a delight in it’s own sake.)

For it’s own sake.

For your own sake.

Who are you, when the identity of winner or loser, or age, or sex, or job, or high school this and college that and marriage history this and books you’ve read that.

Leaving being all the me/ my/ me/ my, what’s left?


Not necessarily understood.

(One of my teacher once said: don’t think, realize).

Being is an experience. Often scary to people because it is not trying to “get somewhere.”


often deeply relaxing because with no-where to “get to,” you are already there, already here, already now, in the now that lazing and amazing rolls and waves and flows into the next now.

You are here now, experiencing the glory of being, the glory of being alive.

With no-where to get, you can exult in the glory of Being.

We can end on a rarity: a useful tautology:


Enjoy your being.

Enjoy your day.