One Secret to Happiness


“Don’t worry. Be happy.”

Wisdom from Alfred E. Neumann of MAD magazine. Seems to be a joke. As if he wants people to be dumbbells to be happy.

And there might be a hint in there,

“Don’t worry,. Be happy.”

On the posters of Meir Baba, Indian saint, and enlightened fellow.

Maybe there is some wisdom after all,

And how not to worry.,

Don’t think.

Don’t think in the words in the head yammer, judge, compare, complain, plan, regret sort of way we spend huge chunks of our life.

Don’t think in the empty minded way that we can make love or watch a sunset, or, if we are lucky: walk in nature.

Or even luckier: walk through our house.

To think is to fall for a trap, confusing the map with the terrritory,

Call it sky all you want, or just look at and love it without a word.

Try out the difference.

Call that “sky” “blue” and what more do you really have than just soaking in that particular wave length of beauty and wonder you are taking in right now,

Try this ,

Go outside or go to a window.

Look at some nature you enjoy,

Breathe deeply and know you are breathing.

Breathe with awareness and sense your fingers and toes and spine and smile and stop thinking for 3 seconds,

Just you and nature , Nature outside and the Nature of you being alive right now,

What happens?




Here’s a possibility: in the present, free from ‘thinking,” we are happy, because WE AREN’T USING ‘THINKING”


Take away the unhappiness and stress we create with thinking.

What’s left?



Happiness could be three seconds away.