Enlightenment as Love of Now/ / Now as a sweet path to Happiness


Enlightenment: The Love of Now

Happiness as By-Product

Happiness as Who We Really Are

Peace, too

Who are we really, at the most fundamental?

Waking up Game #1:

Hold your breath.

A little while, a long while

Feel the urge to breathe

Go ahead and breathe

Can you feel, somewhere far below the level of words: I am alive and I breathe. I breathe and I am alive.


That’s a pretty good start to any day, any walk, any hour, any life.

We are alive.


And love is what we all want.

Love, as well as peace and happiness, may very well be part of who we really are.

And . . . we’ve already experienced gratitude as a return to being able to love life.

And . . . we’ve already experienced gratitude plus touch/connection as a way for our love to deepen.

Gratitude and connection both help us return from being lost in believing various words in our heads that generate our unhappiness and un-ease.

We’ll see this more and more as the book progresses: all our first world unhappiness and lack of ease is self-generated. (Being bombed and shot and raped in the third world, starving: all these are part of the messy mess of humanity that me may well want to help correct. They are third world suffering, even if happening in the wealthy countries, and they aren’t self-generated.)

Back from the bombing and stabbing to our lives: our unhappiness is almost always an inside job.

We are telling ourselves various thoughts, beliefs, stories and believing them and we suffer.

This will become radically clear when we start to do the work of Byron Katie, which is a genius mode of contrasting: Who we are when we believe our thinking and Who we are when we don’t.

And gratitude and connection help us not believe our stress producing thinking.

And so does being present.

Being Now.

The Now, if you follow it down and really taste it to its core, is a land free of words.

No words, no thinking.

No thinking, no suffering.

No thinking doesn’t mean mindless: it means being mindful without words to describe or comment on or judge our present real time experience.

Consider the sky.

Look at the sky.

Awakening Game #2:

So to a window, or go outside.

Look at what we call the sky.

Have your experience without using the words, sky, or blue, or vast, or beautiful.

Just experience your experience of the sky.

Maybe follow and sense, also without words, your breathing as you experience, almost as if sensing it, too, the sky.

This is awakened Life.

Life in the Now as experiencing your experience in the moment.

Which of course shifts to the next moment.

And that doesn’t matter, because you aren’t pinning down experience with a clock or with words.

You are just experiencing your experience of sky.

Or your breathing.

Or your feet.

Or the trees.

Just enjoy the fullness of reality without needing or falling into the usual words about that reality.


Why be present?

Here’s a start:

  1. You are alive and in the present you are experiencing your life instead of letting it pass you by, the way it does almost all people, almost all of the time

  2. Life in the word-free experiencing is far more vivid and “real.”

  3. You are as if a child again, free to delight in learning and discovery and play.

  4. Without words, there are no words to string together the thoughts/ beliefs/ opinions that generate unhappiness.

  5. If you are willing to explore my premise that who we really are in peace and happiness, then when we stop generating (with words) any un-peace, we are naturally back in the land of peace and happiness.

How to expand this life of Now.

Read on . . .