Mother's Day story - - - one way to love (and be loved by) a grumpy Mom


Random Musing

Important Real Life (Mother’s Day) Story

(to me, anyway):

Once upon a time, slightly before Carol and I met and struck gold three months after we met, I was home visiting my mother.

Lots of people have stories about how wonderful their mother was, and mine, too, had fine moments.

Though, having been roughly treated as a child, and more or less abandoned by my over-working and then, over-drinking after over-working ( he did at one period become the Assistant Director of the NASA man-space flight center in Houston in the get a man to the moon days), my Mom wasn’t so nice.




Oh, well.

Some have perfect Moms, a great Moms.

I had the wonderful flawed critical Mom I had.

Part of wisdom and loving Life for what it is, is learning to love people for what they are, not what you want or wanted them to be.

Love your enemy.

Unconditional love.

Not taking things personally.

Call it what you may, it’s entirely do-able, as explained and demonstrated throughout this book. You can un-do that suffering, whatever it is.

And I’d pretty much gotten to that place, when I visited Mom some six of seven years ago.

I decided on a deliberate strategy.

And got to put it in place within the first hour.

Mom: grumble grumble, criticize criticize

Me: What you just SAID was grumble grumble, criticize criticize, but what you meant was I love you.

Mom. Hummph  grumble grumble, criticize criticize

Me: What you just said was grumble grumble, criticize criticize, but what you really meant was I LOVE YOU

And so on.

Conversation later.

An hour or two later:

Repeat; grumble grumble, criticize criticize/ what you MEANT was I LOVE YOU

And again,

And again

For about three days.

And on the fourth, until the end of the visit (I think we had two days of this) all she said was I LOVE YOU and I ADORE YOU.

Somehow she’d decided to let down her barriers and say what she had in there all along.

Nice news.

Great feeling for both of us.

And . . .

You sometimes just don’t know how much some grumpy person loves you.

And sometimes you are lucky enough to find out.

This is my mother’s day story, which I’ve told recently several times as we hover around May 12, 2019, this year’s Mother’s day.

Enjoy your day.