Love and Learning


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Love and Learning

This will be short.

Love is sticking with it when the going is not ideal.


Because other people are not perfect.

And . . . guess what?


Oh, well.

And even if you’ve found your “soul mate” ( and why settle for anyone who is not on the amazing path of discovering and uncovering and expanding their soul - - - like you, right), one of the jobs of your soul mate: IS TO TEST YOUR BULLSHIT.

In other words, a soul mate will drive you crazy every once in a while, usually doing something you dislike in yourself.

But it doesn’t matter what they do.

All that matters is that it shakes up the big baby inside of us who always wants thing to be going our way.

And here’s where learning comes in:

Learning is noticing differences that make a difference, you recall?


And so love is noticing the difference:

How is the world when I want my partner/ soul mate to always do things in a way that makes it the best/ easiest for me?


How is the world when I smile and thank my partner / soul mate for showing me that there is a big wonderful world out that not exactly situated and run to make things easy for me?

It’s really as simple as that.

Many games in the book will help us over the hump.

And love is about learning over and over and over:

I’m not perfect, and my partner isn’t perfect, and my responses to their imperfection aren’t perfect and I’m crazy if I don’t love them anyway.

How to to do this?

Enlightenment helps, in the being present and being in joy sense.

Enlightenment absolutely comes to the rescue when we see/ feel/ realize it as loving what is.

And that’s all theory.

You’ll learn, and hopefully already are learning as the book goes along.

And for starters:

Learning the difference when we let go of wanting them to be something they don’t happen to be right then.

And learning the difference when we remember the love - - - ours and theirs - - - anyway.

Enjoy your day.