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Giving vs Giving to Get

Giving vs Giving Up

This is a beginning exploration of enlightenment as “letting go.”

Letting go of the myth of the self in charge of it all and letting Life/ Awareness/ Love be the river in which you swim.

There is a Sufi story that goes sort of like this:

Once a river was very frustrated, because it always ended up its trip down a mountain in a quagmire at the edge of a desert.

It could flow on to the sea, which as some deep level it wanted to do.

It pushed at the desert and pulled against the quagmire and felt cheater and complained, all to no avail.

And then it heard the wind, whispering (in a moment it quieted down) and telling it: Let go.

Become water vapor and lift up into me.

“But I won’t exist as I know myself any more.”

  • Right. And as you are, you’ll get nowhere being in the quagmire. What do you have to lose.


  • Find out.

So the water let go and became vapor and the wind carried it to the sea, and it condensed as rain.

And as it merged with the sea, because of it’s doubts, it had vague memories of the mountain river and the quagmire and realized that the wind had been right.

La la.

In one of our spiritual paths we are studying with, Adyashanti, a young man (50’s) who is urging us to giving our self into each moment.

This works for me better as giving up to the moment.

Surrendering as it will.

In another path, much more worldly oriented a Dr. Barry Morguelan is connecting people to a 5000 year old Chinese “source energy,” which could very well be what the Holy Spirit is, or the Breath of Life.

His latest, and so far best advice is to be around other people and stifle the urge to “give to get.”

Stop performing in a way that wants to buy love.

Be quiet, sense your heart and feel/ intuit what level of “I love you” they are radiating.

Everyone is radiating some.

We are missing tremendous chances in connection and our own increase in well being by not being open to this.

So: open, calibrate 1-100 how much they are sending.

Give up “trying” to get love.

It’s already there.

Giving up the buying love game with Dr B as we call him. (See a rather amazing site at )

With Adya (, the task is to give our small self into each moment of meditation.

Or Life, really.

Which is tricky, since in his view, there is no self to give.

And useful, since the more we get rid of what doesn’t really exist, the closer we are to a very fertile and infinite Nothing.

(That could be called, seen, felt as Everything)

If this sounds like gobbledegook, so be it.

The mind, like the river asked to turn to vapor can’t handle this hooey.

Have fun explore.

One breath at a time.

Give up the expectation of needing anything outside of the present moment.

What happens.

Enjoy the exploration.

Enjoy the discoveries.

Enjoy the peace.

Enjoy your day.