Presence in Four Levels: Heart, Body, Awareness, Sexual Center


Random Musings

“Presence” as Real and in

Four Levels

We can be present to our lives, or not.

Most of our lives we are not.

Which means we are wandering/ drifting/ thrashing/ numbing out/ going into robot mode and life is going on and we aren’t there.


We can be present to the present of the miracle of life.

And one fun and fine way to do this is in four levels.

Starting with the heart level.

Sense your heart, in the moment.


Search for the “love” vibe from other people. Or the “friendliness” vibe. Or the “vitality and glory of Life” vibe from sky and clouds and flowers and all the wonders of Nature.

Another is the lower belly/ “hara” level.

Several fingers below the navel and several fingers in.

The center of movement in our bodies and somewhat the geographical center of our bodies.

Sense there.

Breathe down there.

See if you can connect with being a breathing and balancing and moving Being on the planet Earth.

The wonder of arms and legs and fingers and toes and spine.

Move in ways fun, easy and interesting.

Wake back up to the glory of being in a body.

Another layer is somewhere either between the eyes, or more realistically “nowhere.” The awareness layer.

Not the observer.

The awareness you always have of bird song, or gravity, or your smile, or other people, or your thinking and feeling.

The awareness of awareness.

The awareness of how awareness has been there all along, and is you.



Don’t think this.

Feel/ sense/ intuit/ wait for this.

Enjoy this.

And the final level is the genital area.

This is complicated and why sex sells in ads, and why real relationship has to include loving and non greedy and giving and best of all, mindful, sensuality as part of the mix.

Don’t worry, think or concentrate here too much.

And don’t avoid.

Huge chunks of adult like (crappy rock and roll, sappy movies, drinking, even socializing in rooms of many women and men) is about this energy.

Feel it a bit now and then.

Smile and let it begin to inform all the other three.

And vice versa.

All of us is amazing.

Enjoy your day, your life, your awakening. 

What else is there?