Waking Up/ Meditation/ Real Life as Adding on and Subtracting


Random Musings

Waking Up as Adding On

Waking up as Letting Go

This could be Transformation as Adding On/ Transformation as letting go;

This could be Meditation as Adding On/ Transformation as letting go.

Let’s play with Meditation.

Which we do . . . because . . . we want to cultivate attention, or ease, or presence, or peacefulness.

Or we are smart and know that we need a break.

Or we have a spiritual impulse that says, There is a Deeper Truer Zone to Life and I want to touch base with it.

Or we are curious.

Find your reasons.

They are neither “right” nor “wrong.” They are part of your adventure in what you co with your precious time and attention in this precious journey called Life on Earth.

Adding on in Meditation:

Add on sitting up more or less straight. This adds on an awareness of your head over your spine and softens your ribs to take in more air.

Add on breathing easier and deeper.

Add on being aware of your breathing down into your belly.

Maybe, if you want the full brain awakening of the Gurdjieff meditation, add on sensing your arms and legs.

Add on an awareness of awareness.

Add on a smile.

Add on sensing your heart, or belly, or midpoint between your eyes.

Add on all of this?


What you enjoy.

Subtracting in Meditation (or life)

Subtract believing your thinking.

Subtract needed to “finish your thoughts”

Subtract need to solve all the unfinished business that comes up crying to be finished.

Subtract even caring what you are thinking.

Subtract trying to get rid of thinking.

Just go back to the add ons: breath, sensing, smiling, awareness.

Subtract believing your feelings.

Subtract resisting your feeling: 

Add on sensing your feeling as sensation

Subtract all the poor me/ victim/ whatever whatever thoughts around the feeling

Add on smiling

Add on know you are alive

Maybe even open your eyes now and then and add on the visual wonder of life.

Subtract the noise in your head as false thinking disguised as words.

Add on: the sensation of you, Alive, right now.

And: this can be any time, all the time.

Enjoy your day.

Enjoy your Life