A short path to "Enlightenment" - - - Loving the Moment, Letting the Moment love You


Random Musings

A short version of “Enlightenment:”

Loving the moment, the moment loves you

 A parent sits in front of a child.

Their presence/ attention/ delight is love. They may hug, they may say nice or wonderful things. Or just smile.

Their attention in the present moment is love.

Our attention in any present moment (there always is one, have you noticed?) is love.

Can we just feel that?

Sensing our heart is a good start.

Emptying the words from our chatter mind is another good step.

Clear and empty and sensing our heart: we can add a smile.

What can you love, right now?

Anything will do.

Your toes. The sky. Your chair. Your breathing. The person with you. The wall.

Let your love come out.

And here’s a kicker: Can you let the moment love you.

Not so much the wall or the chair, and yes, part of the person you are with, any person has some or a lot of love for you.

But let’s make it bigger: all the existence, from the big bang to the formation of Earth to the creation/ evolution of Life, to all your ancestors and all the people and trees and food and rivers and death and birth that has come before us.

All this has made this moment.

And this one.

All new, and all the fulfillment of billions of years.

Just for you, and your awareness and your receiving.

We’ll call that the moment loving you.

This is easier with a tree or a person you deeply love, or the sky.

And whatever is your moment, can you feel honored and amazed that so much went in to creating this for you?

To take the words of Jesus: the great commandment, is to love God with all your heart, mind and soul.

If God is Life and Life comes to us only now, in the moment, what does it feel like to give in to that commandment, to give yourself to loving Life and this moment?

And what does it feel like to receive, to give yourself the gift of receiving God/ Life/ the moment loving you right now?

This is not mind food.

The is a soul exploration.

Start with a tree or the sky or a cloud or the miracle of another person or the miracle of your toes and fingers.

Love them as God and Life and the moment’s grace to you.

And play with, open to, explore: they love you as billions of years of Life coming through them to you, right now.

This moment.

And this one.

And this one.

Remember smiling and sensing your heart - - - this makes it a lot easier and a lot more fun.