You can be RIGHT or you can be HAPPY - - - Is that true?


You can be right or you can be happy.

You can be right or you can be happy.


Is that true?

This certainly seems worth investigating, eh?

And how to do that?

Each time we are unhappy, we can look at what we are “right” about in such an urgent way that another person (or weather, or political situation) is “wrong.”

And there are “Wrong” things in the world. Slavery. Oppression. Violence, usually ( against Hitler, maybe necessary). Sexism. Racism. Climate disaster coming. Wealth inequality.

These are all the reasons that part of this transformation journey is about “saving the world.”

And let’s look more closely at the usual causes of unhappiness.

The person you are living with did something “wrong,” said something “wrong,” acted in a “wrong” way and we feel sure/ right/ righteous that they “should” have done, acted, spoken, whatever the way we wanted them to.

Admit it.

Whether your spouse or your lover or your friend or your ungrateful child or your bossy (or negligent) parent, they “should” have been different.

We’ll put forth a whole short order transformation system called the work of Byron Katie ( ) to “undo” the disastrous effects of the world of “should,” and for now our job is just to be honest.


No easy task, and is it true, the next time we are unhappy, that there is a big fat “should” or “shouldn’t” attached to another person, and their failing to do it another way is the source of our unhappiness?

Just look.


This can be brutal and it can be liberating.

Why liberating?

Because it gives us the one that needs to change to be happy >> > ourselves.