"Success" as training wheels


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“Success” as useful training wheels

Carol and I are in a marvelous group called Energy for Success (http://EnergyforSuccess.org), via which Dr Barry Morguelan has brought a 5000 year old Chinese energy system to America. The goal is waking up to reality, and in reality creating win/win success in your life, in your love, in your health, in your ongoing sense of well being.

Success is nice starting point, because it gives a focus to the inner work involved, and that reminds me of a Sufi story.

About a farmer, worried about his lazy three sons, who told them as he was dying that he had buried gold in the fields where the crops where grown, and that to find it they had to dig and search.

And so they did. Dig dig dig.

And no gold, but the field was prepared, so they might as well plant the crops.

Which they did, and did well. 

Satisfied in a way they hadn’t been before, they were however tempted to rest on their laurels the next year.

But . . . what if there was gold and they’d missed it?

So, dig dig dig and then plant plant plant

And prosper prosper prosper.

And they realized that their father, tricking them into the habit of real work, had given them something more valuable that gold.

And so for the rest of their lives, dig dig plant plant prosper prosper.

And in “the energy,” or any real mindfulness while you work inner work, you will do much better from awareness and doing “energy exercises” (a break from the rush of the day to move your body in relaxed and interesting ways to “get the energy flowing”) and “breathing exercises” (again slowing down to visualize and breathe deeply), you are priming your success.

And you are getting the gold of inner work, coming home to the present and your body and your breathing.

Success, win-win success is a fine and wonderful thing, but it’s not the purpose of life.

Love and waking up and service and happiness are. (My premise. What do YOU think / feel/ intuit/ realize that the purpose of your life is.)

Keep digging in the outer and inner worlds, and see what you discover.

Enjoy your day.