Spine, head, pelvis, sex and ease.... movement with awareness for learning and transformation


Week One - - - Day Five

Movement / Gravity / Sex

The Glory of having Awareness

The Glory of having a Spine

The Glory of Movement with Awareness

The Glory of the Feldenkrais Method®



Well, if you sit on a firm chair or ledge or stool or even log of the right height (hips higher than knees) and don’t lean back, you have a chance to try for this: 

Head balanced on

Spine balanced on


There is no muscular effort involved in this. The muscles line everything up and then gravity pulls down through the bones, which are big and strong and everything else just hangs on them.

Like what?

Like your ribs.

Like your shoulder blades.

Like your arms.

It’s all a no work, no effort game.

And, alas, almost everyone, given the opportunity, leans against the back of the chair or couch behind them  (even wonderful me at the dinner table, though at lectures and meditation workshops and concerts  I’m usually one of very few people sitting to the front of their seats, head over spine over pelvis, and not leaning back).

So why try this?

If you ever have back, neck or shoulder issues, this is mandatory.

Learning back ALWAYS involves muscles having to take over the work of the spine, even though the leaning back appears to be “easier.” (Watch children. Unless they are worn out from hard play, they sit forward. Or if they are older and resistant, leaning back is a signal of withdrawal. It is, in fact, partially laying down, because that’s what laying down is: back against the bed/ floor/ ground.)

And, with some fun movement, this can be a way to discover the possible best ways your spine might want to be, and to IMPROVE YOUR SEX AND BREATHING LIFE.


Well, let’s try two variations of learning about our spine over pelivs, and then have a little chat about how the “miracle” of Feldenkrais® came into my life, and then have a couple more sex/ spine/ learning/ awareness games.

Spine and pelvis and sex exercise/ game #1

Find a chair or stool that is firm when you sit at the front edge, and allows your hips to be higher than your knees.

Just play with, not too rigidly, sitting with your back holding up your head.

Don’t worry about “straight.” Straight is for posts. You are a human being. 

Now try this movement :

Push your belly a bit forward as you tilt your weight toward the front part of your pelvis.

It’s like you’re raising your ass a bit off the stool/ bench.

As you do this arch your back in such a way that your sternum comes up a little.

And your head and nose and eyes point up a little.

Now, go the other way:

Belly in.

Pelvis weight to the back side, as if pressing to get your tailbone to the chair.

Sternum “slumped” forward.

Nose, head and eyes a bit down.

Do this back and forth a few time.

Now add on breathing: