What is important/ What matters, a short overview


What’s important?

What matters?


Raise your hand and wiggle your fingers?

How would you like to do without those hands?


Hold your breath and cover your nose. What does it feel like as you approach a minute of this?

Time to breathe.

Breath is life.


Being alive matters.

Being alive is a miracle.


And what is at the core of Life?

Words can’t really say it, but let’s point to it: God, the Divine Life Energy, the Holy Spirit, Life itself.

And, is connecting to this core of Life, to this Divine Life energy important?


When does this happen for you?

Watching a sunset?

Making love.

Walking by the ocean.

Watching a child laugh.

Telling someone you love them.

Hearing someone to you they love you.

A kiss.

A hug.

A quiet moment with a cup of tea or coffee.

Following your breathing in a calm moment in a meditation or a walk.



And so on.


Enjoying life, being happy, being engaged : is this important?

Does this matter?




And do we want a partner to share that with?



And touch: we are mammals. Hugs, kisses, great sex. This a part of a great life.


And this touch, this sex, is part of our connection to Nature.

We are alive.

We are part of Life.

Getting out into Nature every day, this matters.


And getting quiet every day: prayer, meditation, a walk in nature, a cup or tea of coffee in the quiet, this is important.

Giving ourselves a time of quiet and peace every day, this matters.


Touch every day.

Gratitude every day: sharing our delight with what gifts Life has brought us. Thanks to God, this is part of life every day.


Goals every day: taking all complaining and getting clear: what do we want instead of what we don’t want.

Get clear and focus our delight in being present to an even more wonderful future.


Become More Amazing.


Is that for you?

I hope so.


And it’s not all about us, right?

We can’t be happy unless we are helping others to be happy, or to get out of a jam they are in, or correcting an awful situation like poverty or racial/ gender injustice. Helping the world and the environment.

We are meant to care for each other and the Earth.

This matters, right?


And taking care of the Earth, we come back to being human beings, in a body, alive on this Earth.

And what happens when we get sick, or unhealthy.

We can’t breathe easily or move easily or we feel too weak to do the things we love.

Being unhealthy sucks.

And many people ignore this until their health has gone to shit, but… staying healthy and creating inner strength, vitality and health seems important. Doesn’t it.


And we are healthy and we want to be around others, not just to help them, but to love and adore and cherish them.



A mate connected to the deeper meanings of life, a friend with whom we create a journey toward God and toward our better and better selves.

And notice: we are going to get into messes with a partner.

So: knowing how to forgive, how to apologize, and how to learn from what we did wrong…. this is important.


No forgiveness, no love.

No apology, no love.

I’m imperfect, you’re imperfect, that’s perfect.


That’s life.

As in the best movie ending of all time: Nobody’s perfect.


Not us.

Not our partner.

Not our friends.

Not our children.

Most especially: not our parents.


And what is important: forgive and get back to the present.


And what is one of the most important ways to get to that?

Not, not, NOT believing our own thinking, especially the complaining about others part of our thinking. 

“You should appreciate me more.”

“So and so should have treated me nicer.”

And so on.

When we want others to shape up, where can we make a difference: shaping ourselves up first.

How do we do that?

Getting a sense of humor about our own imperfection.

Getting curious and compassionate: what is the other person going through.

Coming back to the present: what can you and I do NOW to have things good or grand between us.


So, that’s a start:








Sharing meaning.


Being of Service.


Being alive.


Knowing we and others are alive.




Goals and delight in Becoming More Amazing.




Touch/ connection/ hugs/ more.


Prayer/ meditation.


Daily gratitude, daily prayer/ meditation, daily nature, daily happiness, daily touch. Life is full. Let’s enjoy it fully.









Is that a good start?


I think so.

What about you?