Stages of Meditation.... "Gone" on down to mantra.... all are good. Try each day


STAGES OF MEDITATION. (My take, no “official” backup)


Highest Stage:


  1. Gone … No thoughts, no nothing, no effort to get there. “Simply” a return to the nothing at the center of everything including no effort trying or technique.


Next Level

2. Return to your real self.



  1. AWARENESS.   Awareness of thoughts: but it’s the awareness that’s you, not the thoughts. Awareness of feelings, but it’s…..
  2. LOVE. After letting go, send Love to whatever or whomever you had arise in your awareness. This is the meditation, the sending love one, that has the brain scans of “the happiest man in the world” at their peak
  3. A BODY ALIVE ON EARTH.  ARMS AND LEGS AND SPINE AND RIBS ETC IN GRAVITY. PLUS: BREATHING. “Just” the living being of you. Thoughts as secondary to this reality
  4. CURIOSITY> What happens without trying to make the meditation happen
  5. ENERGY. Light as flooding you and all you are aware of


3. Normal Meditation

Follow your breathing.

Thought come an go



4. Inquiry:

Ask of your thoughts: is this true?

Where will this take me?

What’s the difference between believing this thought and not believing?


5. Mantra:

Om Mane Padme

Coca Cola

Doesn’t matter. Some set of words to drown out thoughts



To some people “trying” meditation twice a day is important.

Is that true?

Find out by practicing this for ten days and seeing what happens.

Short and consistent is better 10-20 minutes.