More heart, more body: an easy and wonderful start



So, let’s increase the friendship level of your relationship by combining the sharing of gratitudes, which opens our heart, and the sharing of touch, which allows our bodies to soften back into what we know so deeply: touch is essential to being human and at ease.


Touch game #3:

Set a timer for two minutes.

Share gratitudes back and forth, five at a time.


Then, for three minutes

Hold hands

Take turns saying five gratitudes.

Then listening to five gratitudes.

Back and forth.

Feeling the connection.

Hearing the gratitudes.


Feel the difference that sharing gratitudes makes when you don’t hold hands and when you DO hold hands.


Crucial to this book is learning. 

Learning is noticing a difference that makes a difference.


Saying gratitudes makes a difference.

What did you notice?

Touching while saying gratitudes makes a difference.

What did you notice?