Chapter Twenty: Save the World, Be Present, Be Happy, Have more Sex


Day Twenty:

Save the World

And have a lot of Sex

And be present and raw and healthy

And happy

And present

Which we said twice


Be present

There we go, three times.

Be present it’s your present to yourself



There is a world to be saved. You care too much to let it sink without some effort. Or a lot of effort.

Just no grim effort.

And global warming has almost 100% agreement among real scientists as to be a Big Fucking Real Deal Threat.

And so… we have to do something about it?


I don’t know.

I’m looking.


And I do know, and you, too… we can’t save the world by holding our breath or being angry or being worried.

We just have to save the world.


No holding our breath effort.

No clenching our teeth in anger or frustration and taking some ridiculous inner vow not to be happy until global warming is reversed, or racism is unraveled or the rich stop being so rich and the poor stop being so poor.

You want to be awake as you save the world.

You want to be aware right now as you read this.

You want to be happy right now as you read this.



Happiness Now Game:

Go outside.

Do an energy exercise or a reaching for the sky or a wiggle or a jump.

Enjoy yourself.

Smile and breath deeply.

Feel the glory of being alive.





Now is the time to have fun changing the world to become the place your heart knows it could be.

And it’s not your job to “fix” the world out of guilt.

And it is your job to help create a wonderful world for everyone, including all the natural creatures of a world that is disintegrating in the global warming mess.

And feeling bad is not an option.

And feeling badly is not an opinion.


But feeling up your partner, that is an option.




Keep having a lot of sex.


Keep going outside every hour and remembering to remember.

Remembering to remember we are alive.

Remembering to remember to be present.

Remembering to remember to be happy.

Remembering to remember our connection to the Divine/ the energy/ Holy Spirit/ happiness.


The zest of life is our gift.


And with that zest we are going to save the world.




One big hint:

The tragedy of most human behavior: if something doesn’t work, keep doing it the same way and hope you get different results.

The fun: if something isn’t working do something else.

Do anything else.


Including nothing.

Including sex.

Including taking a walk.

Including holding hands and saying gratitudes.

Including holding hands and taking a walk and being present to nature and sharing gratitudes and coming home and meditating.

And then having sex.






Finished, June 21, 2018.

Third year anniversary of Carol and I starting to live together.

And have sex.

That has become better and better and better.

As has our stupidity undoing.


May this be true for you two too.