Learning as Waking up to the Happiness in Life


Week Three - - - Day Three

Learning and Waking Up

How to never be bored

How to always be happy

This is some hints.

This book is a program for a life, of waking and loving and great sex, and learning and service.

This is a book full of hints.

This book is full of ways to try that are new, so you can learn, discover the difference, become more fully alive.

Learning is noticing a difference that makes a difference.

There is fact learning, or perspective learning.

For example, reading the book Sapiens, I got to take on a new perspective about early humans. THEY HAD BIGGER BRAINS. 

To be a hunter forager, each person in the tribe needed to know countless plants and their uses and dangers, the habits of animals, both to hunt and to stay safe from, how to construct arrowheads, where the waters were, what the seasons brought, what signs of weather were, how to negotiate the personalities of everyone in the tribe.

They moved. They had to have balance.

The climbed trees for food and safety: they had to be strong and coordinated.

Everyone knew more or less everything.

They used their brains as real brains: problem solving plus moving plus awareness.

I imagine that, as part of nature, they were grateful to the miracle of life and paid great attention to its beauty and glories: sunsets, creeks, mountains, flowers.

And . . . they had much more leisure time: no houses to clean, no bills to pay, no cars to buy, care for, drive around.

They were smart alert and powerful.

Okay: this is a new perspective.

Learning this is fun and useful: how can I, how can you have a life more full of body and connection to nature?

(There are body strength and coordination systems now that have people run barefoot on gravel and toss small boulders or logs back and forth and climb trees, instead of going to the gym.)

And as this example illustrates, we are a full bodies creature.

When we are just in our thinking brains, we are less than whole.

Even worse, when we are “lost in thought,” for example taking a walk in a park but with a head full of “words in the head,” we lose our connection to the Now.

And to Nature.

So: what can you do to increase the delight of being present and being in your body and of learning?

Learning Game #5

Walk, just regularly, and notice how that feels

(A lot of learning games in the book seem to be set to pull us below the neck, to free us to be in the real world of hearts and genitals and breathing and feet)

And now do this:

Slow down and put the heel of the foot you are taking forward right up snug to and touching the toe of the other foot.

Like this: weight on your left foot, lift your right foot slowly, move it slowly a small amount forward to have it’ heel touch the right toes.

Socks better than shoes.

Bare feet better than socks.

Go back and forth.

Learning Game #6

While doing all this have one arm up with its wrist being held and pulled on slightly by the other arm.

Learning Game #7

Do all this with your eyes closed

Learning Game #8

Eyes open but back backward, again with as slow and movement as possible, and with now toe coming back to touch the heel of the standing leg.

Learning Game #9

Backwards, arms up, eyes closed.

With all this, you too, will actually expand your brain.

This is one way never to be bored. Do something fun, interesting, challenging that involves balance.

Think of those big brain foragers and hunters: no paved streets, uneven walking all the way, lots of walking every day.

Get thee out to walk, or play with eyes closed, bare feet, walking your own house heel to toe or toe to heel.


What does this all have to do with happiness?

A lot.

If you will think back on your happy moments, they can be in several categories.

A quiet mind: sunsets, a morning walk, listening to classical music, watching the ocean or clouds or a river.

Pleasant company: one of those gatherings when people are really getting along, not pretending. Love and affection and good humor are in the air.

Speaking of humor:

Laughter and the release of life’s worries by making fun of ourselves or our situation. Lightening up as a huge aspect of ‘Lightenment.’

Fun movement: dancing, skipping, games like the above learning games, even sports in the joy of movement sort, skiing say, or tennis without trying to win, ping pong, ditto, just for the fun of it, tossing a frizbe or a ball or even a wadded up sock (try it, for those a little gun-shy of playing catch, wad a couple of socks together)

Sex: yes, pleasure makes you happy.

Eating: preferably non-glutinous, though Gurdjieff very cleverly said that most people’s idea of happiness was to eat themselves into a stupor.

So: better: 

Mindful eating of fresh organic food.

Which comes down to this:

Play, plus mindful.

Quiet, plus mindful.

Connection, plus mindful.

And in the rest of the day:




Driving, walking, eating, even reading.

Follow your breathing.

Sense your ten fingers and ten toes and belly (breathing), eyes (light coming in), ears (sound), nose (breathing and a sense of your head at the top of your spine)


Realize the most important thing: you are alive.

And . . .


Love yourself.

Love your life/ grateful grateful grateful

Let Life love you.

Be on the lookout for others loving you.

Even if they don’t know it.

My Trinity:




Connecting with one or two or all = happiness.

And we are in the learning chapter now, so let’s end with a few more games.

Learning Game #10:

When you realize you are “lost in thought,” a victim of the words in the head thing, come back to the present.

What’s the difference?

Learning Game #11:

When you are sick of being indoors, get outside, even if for a few moments. Look at nature. Feel your body connect to earth.

Move a little in fun and aware ways, ways that remind you that you are an animal on this amazing planet.

What’s the difference when you do this?

Learning Game #12

When you feel bad,

Think of 9 things you love

What’s the difference?

Learning Game #13

When you feel bad,

Think of 9 things you are grateful for

If your gratitude journal is around, write them down

If your partner is around, say them aloud.

What’s the difference?

What if all of life were a game of coming back to our true nature, and Now, Nature and Love were one of the most clear ways to realize our true nature?

Learn, discover, explore, learn.


Be happy, be sexy, wake up to now, "Save the Earth" - - - the full Life


Week Two - - - Day Seven

The World Needs Saving.

Being blissful and mindful and happy is a great way to be

And from that joy and awakening arises a responsibility:

Save the Earth

This seems obvious: if we get super happy and healthy and sexy and in love with life, and the oceans rise, and massive illness comes, and the whole biological system breaks down and there are no humans left, it won’t be quite as happy a scene.

One of the points of this book is to create a cadre of people who aren’t the usual selfish “self-help” crowd.

Sure, being happy is how we are supposed to be.

Sure, finding your true love is icing on the miracle of life.

Sure, great sex is great.

And . . . Enlightenment, and ‘Lightenment’ are ultimately worthless unless those of us who are waking up ALSO put our hearts and minds and souls and energy and time and attention into the betterment for everyone.

What is valuable to us is where we put our time and attention.

Time and attention on “Saving the Earth” is our duty.

Duty doesn’t have a very good name these days.

So what: it’s a sacred duty to honor and revere and be grateful to and take care of and (now) save the Planet, the Mother Earth, our deepest and most real mother.

And not just that.

We’ve got some grand old problems, and they all fit together and it’s our duty to be awake to now and to be happy and to make a difference in some or all the messes we and other humans have gotten us all into.

All the messes, with

 everyone pitching in the the income inequality mess, and the racism/ sexism mess, and the climate apocalypse challenge.

Selfish happiness is tainted.

Dancing as the Titanic goes down is better than being glum about it.

But . . . how about saving the Titanic before it goes down?

How about saving the Earth before humanity and gobs of higher level organisms go down?

And just how is this done.

First and foremost: staying joyful and present as we go into battle.

We aren’t out for blood.

We are out for transformation.

We are out for healing.

We are out for turning the ship around before it goes over the waterfall.

So, stay joyous and happy.

Which means:

Write in your gratitude journal each day.

Write goals of your heart’s desire each day.

Do the clitoris stroking and/or naked make out each day.

Get out to nature every day.

Set out to be fully present and fully happy, all the time/

Now is the time to go out at least briefly.

Be in Nature.

Move with awareness.

Say gratitudes about the glories of being Alive.

Indeed: how about now?

Out to nature, stand on some dirt, do some fun balance on one foot, move the rest of you awareness movement.

Be present

Say gratitudes.

Recess time: out to outdoors, balance on one foot, movement in other parts with creativity and awareness, breathing fresh air, looking at sky and trees, saying gratitudes.


Really, go . . .

And that was good.

Do that often.

And going even so little a bit outdoors, can help us to remember that almost all of human history has been about realizing our dependence on Nature and treating her as the Source and as the deep wonder of Life.

Gods came along. And monotheism.

Taoism keeps alive the connection of everything to everything.

Buddhism stresses the one-ness of all.

Native religious practice sees Great Spirit at the heart of Life.

We know that.

Jesus can be a way back to Great Spirit, which in that tradition is called the Holy Spirit.

Spiro is Latin for breath.

And the breath of Life is sacred.

No matter how you get there.

Call it God, call it Source, call it Source Energy, call it Life, call it Life Energy, call it Spirit, call it Holy Spirit. Call it Joe.

Doesn’t matter the word, whatever it is, it’s not a word.

And it’s there. It’s here. It’s outside of us and inside of us.

And we might as well tune into and align with and love and help this energy/ miracle along.


We need to protect it on this planet, that’s part of the bargain.

The bargain of life. The bargain of Life.

Life gifted you into this miracle.

Now is the time to pay back, in gratitude and in love.

Loving Life means loving ourselves and loving the people around us and loving our Planet.

Again: how?

That’s for you to discover.

Saving the Planet Games #1-7

Explore your world.

Find seven different ways, small to large, to contribute to “Saving the Earth.”

Do one or two each day.

If nothing else get outdoors and tell the sky and the clouds and the trees that you love them.

Feel the Life is you and say thanks, and tell it that you love it.

And more . . .

And more . . .

And more . . .

This leaves a lot to you.


Be happy and aware as you do this.

And as you do everything.

The point of this book is

Do something

Do nothing

Be active

Be quiet

Be engaged

Be happy

Throw in some great sex

Laugh at yourself a lot

Love your partner

Love everyone

Let Life love you

Enjoy your day

Meditation as Heaven/ Earth/ In Between Game - - -Peacefulness is who we really are


Week Two - - - Day Five

Be Still and Know I am God

Cultivate an Empty Mind

Cultivate a Quiet Mind

“Letting go” as letting go, not being good

Meditation is a vacation from the world of your life as a Human DOER and a chance to nourish yourself as a Human BEING.

And who are you when you are BEING?

And what are you when you are BEING?

Meditation, either sitting or talking  walk in nature, or taking a walk in the city, or setting your intention to go about anything in a meditative way, is you chance to BE.

BE what?


BE what?


BE what?

At ease. Peaceful. In no hurry. Neither with the next thing, nor back in the past things: just right here now.

And we have played the meditation game before.

Why again?

One reason is that the cultivation of a quiet and peaceful mind is, along with a sense of humor about oneself as an imperfect being, the most important way to stay out of couple’s “stuff.”

We’ve already laid out the Believe your thinking game vs Don’t believe your thinking game.

Meditation is in a way, the cultivation of how delightful and peaceful it is to not believe your thinking.

Another reason to come to meditation again is that it is a symbol of the freedom when can have at almost any moment when we come to the Now.

The Now doesn’t have a bunch of words attached.

If we can simply return to the Now of seeing the sky, without the words about the sky, or the words about we don’t have time to waste looking at the sky, we are free to be in a state of delight to be alive.

This I would call happiness.


Maybe you’ll agree, or maybe you’ll discover a way to be unhappy and have no words in your head.

But for me, this is how it seems:

No words in your head, and there are no words to tell you that you are wrong, or the chew away at someone else being wrong.

No words in your head and there are no words to tell you what you need to do in the future.

No words in your head and there are no words to tell you what didn’t go right in the past.

It’s just now, now, now with no words.

So, let’s play three more games around a meditation of hanging out in no words.

We’ll take the heaven, earth and in between model as a way of playing this meditation game.

Earth, Heaven, In Between Meditation Game #1:

Stand as before, holding one wrist up high over your head.

Lengthen a little gently.

Lift one foot off the floor and begin to scrape it on a carpet or soft grass like surface.

Sometime scrape the top of the toe side of the foot.

Sometimes scrape the bottom of the toes side of the foot.

Feel yourself as a skeleton, standing on Earth, and allowing your skeleton to hold you upright in Earth.

Switch which foot you stand on and notice the difference.


Now you have your Earth base.

You can invent almost any standing on one leg exercise to get yourself “grounded,” and this is “grounded” indeed.

Now sit.

Feeling your arms and legs and spine.

Make sure you aren’t leaning back against the back of the chair, or against a wall.

You want your head over your spine.

Earth, Heaven, In Between Meditation Game #2:

Be deeply sensing your arms and legs and spine.

Look for the silence between thoughts.

Take an attitude of “let it go,” “Let ‘em go,” “So What?” to the various thoughts that might want to come.

Smile and realize you don’t have to finish any thoughts.

You don’t have to make sense of any thoughts.

You don’t have to prepare anything to say to anyone anytime.

Look for and enjoy the peace of no words, when that comes.

When it doesn’t come, add in the “In-between.”

Earth, Heaven, In Between Meditation Game #3

Keep the sensing in your body, arms and legs and fingers and toes and spine.

Feel your place in gravity.

This is you as Earth, and you on Earth.

Enjoy the peace of those times when there are no words in your head.

This is Heave.

Follow your breathing deeply into your belly.

This air is the sustaining material between heave and earth.

This air is practical and real: it is keep us alive.

The breathing is often very soothing. It is a mark that we are alive.

To care for the breathing with attention is as if to care for ourselves, certainly to care for our Life, to care for Life.

Smile with each breath.

Let the breath and the arms and legs and the spine and fingers and toes be what they are REAL.

Experience your experience of the REAL right now.

If thoughts come, see which you prefer, the thoughts or the real.


It’s a deep habit.

Let go of the thoughts and come back to the real.

And the silence is real, too, and you don’t have to concoct any words to explain that.

Just feel it.

That’s the games.

And they can be played cooking or walking or listening to someone else talk, or folding your clothes, or swimming and riding a bike.

Or . . . to be discovered, how many places and ways can you enjoy Earth, Heaven and In Between as a meditation?

Waking up in three levels: Heaven, Earth and Air


Week Two - - - Day Four

“Lightenment’ as Waking Up

Waking up as Waking up in three levels

The starter course

One way to look at the Tao de Ching, an ancient book of Chinese wisdom, is as an attempt to encourage harmony between Heaven and Earth. The dream and the reality. The idea and the action. The spiritual and the everyday.

I like thinking of Heaven and Earth somewhat literally, where Heaven is the up above.

As in the sun.

As in the stars.

As in Light. Light as a way to experience ‘lightenment.’

Not what we see so much as the magic of light bouncing off things and reflected light coming into our eyes and lighting up our awareness.

Even more heavenly, we have an awareness that takes light and turns it into something we perceive.

Heaven as light, heaven as awareness.

Earth, is earth.

The ground below. Feeling gravity at any moment, which we must, usually through our pelvis and feet if we are sitting or our feet if we are standing. (Lying down on our back, our whole backside becomes a foot, as it were, but gravity is still down there.)

If not in space, Earth pulls us and we push back with some part of our bodies.

Heaven of light and sound, too, and awareness.

Earth of gravity and the parts of our body pushing into the Earth.

And what is in between?

What is creating harmony?

Perhaps the spine holding our eyes and ears up by holding our head up.

And our breathing, keeping us alive, by taking in all the air that fills the space between the heavens where the light comes down, and the earth with its gravity hugging us to its core.

And this is a simple and simply wonderful way toward basic ‘Lightenment.

Be aware of gravity.

Be aware of awareness and of light.

Be aware of our breathing.

This can be done now.

So let’s make it a game so we can have it in bold.

‘Lightenment’ Game #8

Be aware

With delight, curiosity and ease of all three:

Earth: where you are interacting with gravity

Heaven: The reflected Light coming in your eyes and AWARENESS

Harmony between: The skeleton hold up your head in gravity

The breathing bringing air into your nose or mouth and down into your lungs.

And that’s almost enough at any minute to have a good life.

Like now?

Of course now.

One of the reasons Enlightenment is such a messy concept is that 

One: it’s a concept.

Two: it’s almost always something that’s going to come later.

And light is right now.

See and be aware of it.

And breath is right now.

Feel and sense and be aware of it.

And the earth and gravity are right now.

Feel and sense and be aware of them.

Enjoy the fullness of life that this give you.

Naked Make Out - - - Love, Lust, Learning, 'Lightenment - - - along the way


Week Two - - - Day Two

Lust as sensuality

Sensuality as skin - - start hugging

A lot

Tongues - - - start kissing

A lot

So, hello.

You bought this book at least in part because of the Lust in the title.



The secret is to have more and better sensuality, more and better touch.

A big part of better is mindfulness, being in your body, in your ten fingers and ten toes and breathing as you touch your partner.

AND . . .

We’ve already started touching.

You don’t have to get fancy. Remember rubbing your own hand. Remember your own thumb, to stroll down your own arm, or to explore you other hand with.

And your partner: exploring all their fingers.

This was good before and is good now and will always be good.

And there is more of your body.

There is hugging.

With your mate, a nice long hug is almost mandatory each day. Press into each other and stay there a while.

A long while.

Let’s call that a Lust Game and make it official . . . 

Touch Game #5: Hug

Stand up.

Ask your partner for a two minute hug.

Don’t time it.

Just hug for as long as you think two minutes is.

Don’t talk.

Just feel.

Sense where you are touching.

Sense your breathing and theirs.

Sense your feet on the ground.

Enjoy this.

Enjoy this.

Life is wonderful and hugs remind us how wonderful life is.

There isn’t a child in the world who doesn’t improve anything that needs to be improved if they are hugged with attention and affection.

If you don’t enjoy hugging your partner, then some talking needs to happen. 

And don’t do the talking yet, until you’ve done all the love chapter and all the ‘Lightenment chapters first.

For now, play this game.

Everyone play this game.

Touch Game #6: Mindful Hugging

Same thing, almost, but better

Hug your partner for three minutes this time, without a timer

Notice where you are touching

Take turns saying three things that you notice: usually about what you are feeling as a receiver, or what you are feeling as a sensing/ touching human, or what you are noticing in your own body: heartbeat, breathing.

Keep it just to sensations.

Take turns.

Enjoy the sharing.

Don’t rush 

This is good.

We are mammals.

Hugging slows the nervous system.

Hugging reminds us of our connection.

Hugging with noticing wakes us up to the glory of life.

You could even say, the Glory of Life.


Try calling God by another name, the name of the great miracle - - - Life.

And notice what JS Bach answered when he was asked why he wrote so many beautiful pieces of music and had so many kids:


For the glory of God and my own amusement.

Or, new version:

For the glory of Life and my own amusement.)

What does hugging have to do with the Glory of Life?

Hug for three minutes,


Sharing your moment to moment experiences

And feel/ see/ realize for yourself.




Two ways:

Touch Game #7:

Sleep naked.

If you are cold, use extra covers.

If you are too fat, lose weight (eat paleo or keto or raw )

If you aren’t used to it, GOOD

Time to wake up toe reality

Which is . . . ?

We are animals.

Get in bed naked.

Touch each night at least a little, all night.


Because that’s one great reason we have a prime mate: to be a touching and receiving primate.

Enjoy this.

It’s simple and to the point: we have skin. 

Skin likes to touch other skin.

And finally, this game you may of may not be ready for yet, and so be it . . . remember the title Love LUST Learning and ‘Lightenment.

It’s a great sex substitute or intimacy builder, or actually put . . . a sweet thrill to being alive and having a partner.

Touch Game #8: Naked Makeup

Standing or lying down

Be naked

Set a timer

Make out for ten minutes

You might like this.

You might like this a lot.

Life is to be enjoyed.

Happiness requires a nice supply of happiness chemicals inside of us.

Remember the tongues: along with the thumbs, a huge part of the brain.

Add to that the skin, um, we are getting a lot of pleasure.

Ten minutes.

You will love this.

You deserve this.

Do it.

Ending First World Suffering by Learning, not Effort or Demanding


Week Two - - - Day Three


Is Noticing Differences that make a difference

Emotional maturity/ freedom/ peacefulness learning

Most of unhappiness is so totally unnecessary and a certain kind of learning will help to quickly and rapidly “un-do” this suffering.


Watch this . . . 

You are walking along a path in a park or along a shore or in the woods. Nature is grand, you are enjoying your footsteps and the blue sky and life is good.

Then suddenly it pops into your head how your mate said some sour not-so-nice thing to you that morning.

You mull it.

You go over it.

And even more, you have a set of words in the should or shouldn’t world.

They shouldn’t have been so . . . (any words will do, disrespectful, mean, grumpy, inconsiderate, blah blah blah)


They should have been  . . . (nicer, more considerate, friendlier, more fair, blah blah blah)

Now here’s the thing:

The woods, park, shore is still there.

The blue sky is still there.

And yet your peace is all shot to hell.

And who did it?

Did you mate jump into your head from afar?

Did the past send an arrow into your heart that said: time to start suffering.


But your thinking came along.

And you decided to pay attention to it and to believe it.

So, there you are in the park: who is causing your suffering?

You are.

And what does this have to do with learning, you might ask?

Well, for starts, you can learn the difference: walking without thinking vs walking with thinking, or more clearly: walking with grateful and nature oriented thinking vs walking with complaining poor-me/ bad-them thinking.


We cause our own suffering?

Yes, and do not, do NOT, DO NOT take my word for it.

Try this out, over and over and over.

Learning and Love Game #1

Next time you start feeling bad about your partner

Stop and find something to write on

Write down a short “should” or “shouldn’t” sentence that encapsulates the feeling bad.

Look closely at this sentence.

Pick a spot, the Believe My Thinking Spot.

Stand in this spot and read the should/ shouldn’t and see how you feel. Maybe even write or say the list of how you feel.

Now, the learning, the difference, the shift . . .

Move to another spot, let’s call it the Freedom Spot.

In the freedom spot try out either 

One: Not believing the set of words that is the should/ shouldn’t sentence.

Two: Going to no thinking, to be in ten fingers and breathing and seeing the sky land.

Learning is noticing the difference.

Go back and forth between the 

Believing My Thinking Spot

and the

Freedom Spot

This may seem besides the point, or “too much trouble.”

And it is one of the most important realizations in the world:


If you are in the third world, starving or being raped, then it is not your believing your thinking that is causing your suffering. (And is the root of why these assholes who say “You create your own reality” are so unconsciously cruel).

But with food and shelter and safety from violence, almost everyone in the first world makes their life miserable almost exclusively by this mechanism:

Believing their own Thinking

And note:



Learning the difference:

This is my being when I believe my story.

This is who I am when I don’t.

Back and forth and your own wisdom will begin to lose it’s attachment.

Not from “trying” to be less attached.

Not from “being spiritually good” by letting go of beliefs.

But a very simple selfish wish to suffer less.

Suffering less is good.

Suffering is a wake up call. You are believing a story, an opinion, a thought.

And the way out: jump to the freedom spot and see what the world is like there.

Learning is a great game to play at the center of every life. Enjoy it.

What and who is God? What and who are you????


“For love of God and country.” This came to me as the starting phrase. It goes in interesting directions.

Perhaps the country part came up because of the serious mess of our country in this year of 2019.

More important for today was this:


Short answer:

Right at the centerl

And how?

Like this . . .

God could be felt and intuited as Reality.

Don’t think, realize God is Reality.

God is the trees and the sky and the light in the leaves and is ou miracle bodies alive, right now, on this miracle planet.

God is also war and poverty and sexism and racism and all those messes.

They aren’t God so much as the mistakes of humans who have forgotten the glory of Life. These messes are a long story, the story of humanity’s inhuman treatment of our fellows.

Short story: almost always from fear.

Which almost always leads to the selfisness being marital quarrel snd wars and office hatreds, and all that world of dislike and anger and jealousy and bitterness and resentment.

Selfish. Selfish. Selfish.

I’m that way sometimes. You’re that way sometimes.

And a mess is soon to follow if we don’t catch it soon enough.

And how to catch it?

Wake up to now.

Wake up to the miracle of our “enemies,” no matter how imperfect they are.

Wake up to the humor:




Ego, ego, ego is the spiritual/ Buddhist way of saying the selfish, selfish, selfish thing.

The me, me, me orientation that forgets that there is a Reality deeper than words.

Look closely: all our complaining, bitterness, resentment is wrapped up in words.

And in the me, me, me that’s “not getting enough.”

The me, me, me that is not who we really are is also entirely a word thing: our age, our job, our history, our sex.

And who are we?

Back to Reality;




Any hurt, worry, regret, emotional stress?


Words feed that.

Without the words, what’s left???


Stop thinking of 3 seconds.


Lightening the heaviness of dragging around a me.

Lightening the load of having to be right, be the victim, keep all that false word identity going.






Find out with curiosity, love and gratitude.

Life is easy in lightenment mode.

Enjoy your day.

Enjoy your moments.

Enjoy your string of pearls nows

Loving the Now - - - the‘ trick of sick

Being truly present is deeper than we usually realize.

And that depth makes it ALWAYS and place of peaceful ease and a usually a place[ of happines,


In the true present there are ]no words in our heads.

Those are pulled some past word storage] space.

Try this : look at the sky with no words like blue or sky beautiful in y0ur head.

No thought- - - just you aware of the sky experience without the sky words.

Hang out there for three seconds- - - that’s ‘lightenment.

Peaceful, yes?

And I have been tricked from this by body pains.

A\ burning rash, that was hot and fiery. If felt in the present the fire ]just was.

But once the words snuck in : too much, not fair, when is this going to end, all fiery but doable now zsolt swept away.

Same with a deep cough- - - how long, not fair, can’t breathe, a treatment that was supposed to work didn’t and Prac is out the window.

Always something to learn.

Balance , Learning, and the brain - - - some Feldenkrais® fun

What is learning?

Noticing a difference that makes a difference.

People radically underestimate learning by imagining that it’s all about thinking.

It’s not.

It’s about the perception of differences. Like your thumb and your little finger. Something a baby doesn’t know until she learns. Useful for eating, for piano, the violin, putting on clothes.

A friend of mine is working on returning to better balance.

Dick Staub, a great person. This lesson is for him.

And . . .

Anyone who loves learning, or who wants to be more co-ordinated.

And have fun.

Go to a wall without stuff on it.

Put your hands both on the wall for balance.

Back up a little and lean the top of your head, or someplace near the top, on the wall.

Lean in a little, feeling the weight going from your feet all the way to your head into the wall.

Use your hands for stability.

The Fun:

Take your right foot, and put it in front of your left foot and to the LEFT of it.

So your feet aren’t as usual. Right foot is to the left of your left foot.

Get the right foot as far back as you can easily do, so it’s kind of beside the left foot, and to the left.


Shift your weight:

To mainly the right toes.

To mainly the right heel.

To mainly the left heel.

To mainly the left toes.

Round and round this circle go.

Feel this in your feet, spine, hands, head.

Breathe easily.

Go much slower than your habit wants.

Have more attention and enjoyment that your habit wants.

Stop and rest.

Then take your feet back to normal and lift your head off the wall.

And take baby steps

SIDEWAYS> So you can keep both hands on the wall.

Walk this easy walk, but feel your feet as perhaps different.


Head on wall again.

Right foot to the front and left again.

Do the circles the other direction.

Then the baby walk again.


Head on wall again.

Right foot behind the left leg and over to the left of the left foot.

Step 3: circles one way: toe/ heel/ heel/ toe

Slow and aware and enjoy.

Then baby steps.

Step 4: circles the other way.

Baby steps.





Awareness. Enjoyment. Learning.

Think, notice all the differences your brain is learning and hence building new neurological circuit:

Feet on non habitual sides.

Weight in different places

Use of wall to do a mini mini head stand.

Letting your brain learn new weight and feet and toes and heel distributions.


You notice.

You enjoy.

. . . .

Once, I got food poisoning in a idiotic way. Ate some salmon I’d given to friends in vinegar and they hadn’t refrigerated it and gave it back after I was gone a week.

Bury it I told myself.

Dug the hole.

Put most in.

Smelled it. Smelled good.

Took a bite.

Then buried the rest.

Later, immense dizziness and disorientation.

I needed to walk somewhere, since I needed to move a computer and the grass was wet, and I couldn’t fall back on the fail safe movement when balance is way off: crawling.

Knowing I couldn’t crawl, and being way out of balance, I recalled this “game.”

And did it.

And could walk.

Not great, but hugely improved.

PS, if you think you should bury the salmon, do.


Do this, even if your balance is great.

Do it with eyes closed.


Learning is noticing differences.

See how wonder-full it is to notice new small differences.



The Pursuit of . . . Happiness . . . Stillness . . .the Empty Now

The Pursuit of Happiness.

What a nice phrase, and it’s all American, one of the proud moments, the Declaration of Independence. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Sadly, most people are confused about what “pursuit” was back when this was written. It wasn’t seeing after and chasing. It was more like the cultivation, as in a hobby. The pursuit of gardening, the pursuit of stamp collecting, the pursuit of leisure, the pursuit of bridge, good conversation, friendship.

The seeking, chasing after trap gets us where many of us live: I’ll be happy once . . .

Once I get the right mate, job, place to live, clothes, records, etc.

Always later, and often, since the orientation is to later, later, when people get the right job or mate, they are so used to striving for something in the future, they don’t enjoy that, because they are busy scheming, wishing, wanting the next to be found later batch of happiness.

Happiness can come to the child when it gets the ice cream cone it is desperate to lick.

And, many children, simply at play in the simplest of play, are happy just because play is their real nature and happiness is their real nature.

Ours, too.

Ours, too.

Meditation is the pursuit of stillness.

It’s the pursuit of peace, in the sense that if we are in harmony with the world, and not believing our thinking (plenty on this throughout the book) we are naturally at peace.

Before meditation.

During meditation.

After meditation.

The goal of meditation is to hang out in this peacefulness and see how it can deepen, and what occurs in this deepening,

Stillness, too, the stillness we pursuit, not chase, but dwell in as much as possible, the world without words, this is a vast universe of exploration.

How to be curious without words.

How to discover without words to explain all this.

That’s the pursuit, the pursuit of stillness and the world without words.

Another way of saying this:

Meditation is the pursuit of BEING.

We can be human beings, and human doers. And we can wisely blend the two.

But with so much of life weighted to the doing side, meditation is a chance to pursuit the being of our real and deep existence.

And . . . almost by definition, this is a place without words.

This has been said like this:


And the pursuit of that silent, very real, deeply real world of who we are without the yammer: what a pleasant pursuit.