• What is the bigger, more authentic, and amazing life you want to live? 

  • Are you willing and excited to expand love, sex, & enlightenment in your life?

  • Would sex every day, meditation every day, mindful movement every day work for you?


  • What would your life be like if your body moved and your brain learned better than 20 years ago? 


Chris Elms

Relationship Advocate.
Co-Active Coach. Author. 

I offer myself as a catalyst for:

  • Life in the present moment, with particular attention to the 90% of our body below our neck.
  • Almost full-time happiness.
  • Clarity about your life's mission. 
  • Commitment to your REAL SELF and the life that you really want to live.
  • Getting unstuck when your relationship "goes to shit".
  • Having sex everyday.
  • Food & Exercise and "energy" practices for a life moving toward younger and more vital and more real every day. 

I'm passionate about working with others who wish to transform their relationship to how they live in body, mind & spirit. With 40 + combined years of experience in bodywork, brain-plasticity, therapy, teaching, transformative coaching, public speaking & writing, my mission is to share my knowledge with others and assist them in accessing their most fulfilled life through coaching, bodywork, and more. 

Trainings & Amazing Learnings:

  • 2 years of community organizing in a New York City Ghetto in the 60's. More real learning about our world than two years of Stanford and two of Caltech.
  • 3 years teaching 1-4th grade in Gilroy, California.
  • Co-founder of an amazing and "failing forward quickly" commune in Northern California.
  • I hold a Masters Degree in meditation based therapy.
  • Trained as a Quadrinity Process Therapist (known at the time as the Fischer-Hoffman Process).
  • Meditator since 1972. Hooked on the lens, "Now I am aware of..." since 1966.
  • Advanced Student of the Gurdjieff Method for 15 years.
  • Studied with Byron Katie, whose work can “undo” all emotional suffering. Replace all grudges with humor. Take all resentments to zero. Worked with her over 60 days.
  • Body and brain plasticity "Movement Alchemy Training"in Feldenkrais® & Anat Baniel Methods. 
  • I have the distinction of being one of the few people in the world fully trained and certified in both systems, which has greatly informed my life and practice.
  • Raised in Southern California, I have also lived in Newport Beach, Orcas Island, Sonoma the city in Sonoma the Valley in Sonoma the county, & Berkeley. 
  • Winning the rat-race: High School Valedictorian leading to college at Caltech and graduating at Stanford in 1967.
  • Leaving the rat-race! To design homes & gardens, as an "ongoing meditation in the now of moving one's body" while learning to solve real world problems and create beautiful spaces and gardens in the world. 
  • I am a founding contributor at Sonoma Garden Park.
  • I am a CTI Trained Co-Active Coach. 
  • I study and apply exercises, meditation, writing goals (including "impossible goals" like finding the love of your life within walking distance and then Carol moving in half a block away!), gratitude writing and more as part of a 5000 year old Chinese energy system led by a surgeon from LA who is the only non-Asian grandmaster in this system!

  • I practice being present as a spiritual path.
  • Proud father of two heart-centered grown-up children. A son 42 in LA, and a daughter of 47 in Oakland.  Both making a big difference in the world! 
  • Intrigued and happy Grandfather of 2 young girls under the age of 10. 
  • Author of the forth-coming book:
     LOVE, LUST & ENLIGHTENMENT (please scroll below for a free gift).

  • For additional access to previous work /blogs and access to over 900+ postings please click here.

A few photos of my life in action: 


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Chris Elms has a gift for connection and introspection. His coaching has helped me expand my perspectives and embrace life with more passion.
— MR