• 3 hour Sessions, Tuesday & Thursday 10:15-1:15

  • Gratitude, Touch, Peace, Ease & Delight

  • Daily Meditation : Delight, Presence, Vacation from the Past and Future, Connection to your True Self

• Daily Touch:
Naked Sleep, Perhaps Daily Sexual Bliss

• Daily Delight: Female Orgasmic Meditation

• Daily Forgiveness/ Un-doing of Resentment

• Peacefulness by Not Believing Your Thinking

•Peacefulness By Present Living

• Peacefulness by Getting into the Now

• Now in Body, Now in Mind, Now in Heart

• Now in Soul/ True Self

• And…..The Big Picture, Physical Vitality, Health

  • Are you Ready and willing to make a huge difference in Climate Collapse, in World Peace, in Ending Racism/ Sexism / income inequality?


  • What would your life be like if your body moved and your brain learned better than 20 years ago?

  • For those who wish: Radically Healthy Eating 


Chris Elms

Relationship Advocate.
Co-Active Coach. Author. 

I offer myself as a catalyst for:

  • Life in the present moment, with particular attention to the 90% of our body below our neck.

  • Almost full-time happiness.

  • Clarity about your life's mission.

  • Commitment to your REAL SELF and the life that you really want to live.

  • Getting unstuck when your relationship "goes to shit".

  • Having sex everyday.

  • Food & Exercise and "energy" practices for a life moving toward younger and more vital and more real every day. I take zero medication. I have never been to the hospital as a patient. I ride a bicycle several miles a day, not to "exercise," but to get places without a car, and to delight in nature and my body.

I'm passionate about working with others who wish to transform their relationship to how they live in body, mind & spirit. With 40 + combined years of experience in bodywork, brain-plasticity, therapy, teaching, transformative coaching, public speaking & writing, my mission is to share my knowledge with others and assist them in accessing their most fulfilled life through coaching, bodywork, and more. 

Trainings & Amazing Learnings:

  • 2 years of community organizing in a New York City Ghetto in the 60's. More real learning about our world than two years of Stanford and two of Caltech.

  • 3 years teaching 1-4th grade in Gilroy, California.

  • Co-founder of an amazing and "failing forward quickly" commune in Northern California.

  • I hold a Masters Degree in meditation based therapy.

  • Trained as a Quadrinity Process Therapist (known at the time as the Fischer-Hoffman Process).

  • Meditator since 1972. Hooked on the lens, "Now I am aware of..." since 1966.

  • Advanced Student of the Gurdjieff Method for 15 years.

  • Studied with Byron Katie, whose work can “undo” all emotional suffering. Replace all grudges with humor. Take all resentments to zero. Worked with her over 60 days.

  • Body and brain plasticity "Movement Alchemy Training"in Feldenkrais® & Anat Baniel Methods.

  • Running for City Council in Sonoma I started a blog in 2006. This blog is now found at http://LoveLustEnlightenment.com, with an INDEX of over 900 posts.

  • I have the distinction of being one of the few people in the world fully trained and certified in both systems, which has greatly informed my life and practice.

  • Raised in Southern California, I have also lived in Newport Beach, Orcas Island, Sonoma the city in Sonoma the Valley in Sonoma the county, & Berkeley.

  • Winning the rat-race: High School Valedictorian leading to college at Caltech and graduating at Stanford in 1967.

  • Leaving the rat-race! To design homes & gardens, as an "ongoing meditation in the now of moving one's body" while learning to solve real world problems and create beautiful spaces and gardens in the world.

  • I am a founding contributor/ designer/ slave for free till it got beautiful at Sonoma Garden Park.

  • I am a CTI Trained Co-Active Coach.

  • I study and apply exercises, meditation, writing goals (including "impossible goals" like finding the love of your life within walking distance and then Carol moving in half a block away!), gratitude writing and more as part of a 5000 year old Chinese energy system led by a surgeon from LA who is the only non-Asian grandmaster in this system!

  • I practice being present as a spiritual path.

  • Proud father of two heart-centered grown-up children. A son 43 in LA, and a daughter of 47 in Oakland. Both making a big difference in the world!

  • Intrigued and happy Grandfather of 2 young girls under the age of 10.

  • Author of the forth-coming book:
     LOVE, LUST & ENLIGHTENMENT (please scroll below for a free gift).

  • New Name: Now, Now, My Love….. 21 days of transformation toward more Love, Sensual Delight, Awakened Living, Happiness, Presence and Saving the World, for fabulous people who want an even more fabulous relationation

  • For additional access to previous work /blogs and access to over 900+ postings please click here.

A few photos of my life in action: 


a few more...

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Chris Elms has a gift for connection and introspection. His coaching has helped me expand my perspectives and embrace life with more passion.
— MR