I coach my clients to craft a life they love, and to reveal their innate gifts to become more amazing.

I invite you to ask yourself:

  • What’s really important to me now? 

  • What have I been tolerating that needs to change?

  • What dreams and ambitions have I neglected? 

I would be delighted to introduce you to this inquiry process with a sample session. You will know very quickly if this process is for you, and how working with me can expand your capacity for joy and freedom, and move you toward the part of living that you’ve been wanting. If you are unsure of how to answer the above; lets talk.  I'd love to assist you into finding your own answers and every word, even your name is completely confidential. 

About Carol:


I am so happy you found us. I invite you to Become More Amazing as you journey forward into your most magnificent life. I'd be honored to be your Co-active Coach. As a retired professional, I've struggled with the meaning of success in both personal and professional environments and I find myself redefining even at this very chapter in my life, and it only gets better. In corporate America, I love being known as "an accomplished leader of large teams who produce results!"  and I have a passion for excellence, customer intimacy and team building and yet, I want more.  At the heart of my sense of happiness has always been my devotion to making a difference in the lives of others, and so after a long legacy of professional accomplishments, I have built a coaching practice centered on helping my clients achieve their own dreams and goals. I am committed to creating opportunities for my clients to reach their highest potential and to transform themselves and our world, as they become more amazing.  

A bit about myself: 

  • Proud mother of twin sons.

  • Grand-aunt to 2 lovely little ones, and love revisiting our universe through their experiences and eyes.

  • I meditate as a practice.

  • I have a thirst for continual learning. 

  • Passionate about healthy living, nourishing nutrition through creative and tasty food prep! 

  • Recently retired from a corporate career that satisfied by thirst for meeting and exceeding goals and my responsibilities included an international reach in many countries and developing economies globally. I do love a challenge! 

  • Exploring Psalms 46:10  Be still and know that I am God (My "retirement" promise to myself).

  • I love to travel to anywhere, learning about new traditions and native cultures; their beliefs, influences and goals.

  • A treasured part of my role was leading 500+ creative individuals and teams to new levels of branding and profit for the 22 labels I managed. I have discovered that I am a lover of people. 

  • I am a strong advocate for corporate & social responsibility.

  •  Extensive working relationships with boards for over 20 years and love to contribute my experience where it's valued.
  • Passionate about community service and while living in St. Louis became the co-founder of Mission St. Louis, a successful non-profit that transforms the lives of impoverished families with programs that assist with home repair, felon rehabilitation, and supply inner city school children with high caliber reading programs. 
  • I recently had the opportunity to rediscover my passion for serving others through the coaching process and am inspired to bring this powerful work to the lives of others. 

Please note that I share my past experience simply to offer a point of reference about my personal path and where it's led me up to this point in my life, however, coaching is all about you, and what you wish to strive for in your own life!  I'd love to invite you to dream big.

If you would like to live a life in ways you can't anticipate but dream of experiencing - try a sample session with me.. 

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